Brad Meyer

Brad Meyer, President

Brad Meyer - Vice President

Brad Meyer began his career with the firm in 1984 as an engineer in the structure design division. There, he designed several large-scale bridge and roadway projects. From 1988 to 1992, he established the firm’s presence in Tennessee and managed design of all roadway projects there from survey and preliminary design to right-of-way and construction plans in our Nashville office. Since 1992, Brad's work has centered around business development and general management. Practical experience characterizes not only Brad’s comprehensive training, but also his entire working career. His professional interests successfully mirror those of his predecessors. Thus, clients are assured consistently satisfactory results on the projects that matter to them most — each and every one of them!

Throughout the years, Brad has played a role in the development of many civil engineering and architectural projects within a nine-state area including museums, office buildings, schools, athletic complexes, prisons, golf courses, site development (industrial, commercial, municipal and residential), highways, airports, utilities, water and wastewater, and mine lands reclamation.  Specific project duties have included conducting preliminary studies, planning, supplying final design, producing contract documents and specifications, supervising and inspecting construction, and more recently: providing design/build and construction management services.

HMB manages numerous design and construction projects each year, and Brad directs a management style that assures our clients quality in design and construction, along with professional services, that are rendered on time and within their budget.