Matt Sipes

Matt begin his career as an intern at HMB. He has worked his way to a Project Manager and, after a short hiatus working in South Carolina, has returned to HMB and now leads the Highway Design Division in Frankfort. During his 8 years at HMB, he has served as a Project Engineer for multiple roadway project, ranging from small urban jobs to large cross country jobs. Matt has experience with planning, design, traffic, multi-use pathways, drainage, and surveying. He has co-published a book entitled Creating Green Roadways: Integrating Cultural, Natural, and Visual Resources into Transportation which advocates a way of approaching road design that integrates cultural, natural, and visual resources into the transportation design and planning process in an economically viable and socially significant way. His vast knowledge in many different disciplines has proved invaluable in delivering successful projects.













Matt Sipes, PE - Division Manager