Birmingham Northern Beltline (Jefferson County, AL)

The Birmingham Northern Beltline is a proposed limited access highway that will extend from I-59/20 west of Birmingham, around the northern city limits, to I-59 northeast of Birmingham. HMB provided preliminary roadway and bridge plans for a 9.58-mile section from one mile north of CR 46 (Hueytown Road) to one mile south of US 78. The July 20, 2001 Traffic Analysis report recommended a six-lane section throughout the project limits for the new fully-controlled access freeway. A diamond interchange with single-lane, right-hand ramps at SR 269 is included. HMB is responsible for preliminary design plans for this section, which includes proposed line and grade, interchange design, access road justification studies, preliminary bridge design, proposed right-of-way limits and traffic analysis for the mainline and the interchange. All crossroads are being re-located, and several alternates for each must be studied in order to carry the best design forward to final design.