City of Vanceburg: Multiple Water & Wastewater Projects (Lewis County, KY)

HMB has completed several projects for the City of Vanceburg, including the following:

Combined Sewer Overflow Rehabilitation Project

In conjunction with the City’s 2007 Consent Judgment, HMB has been recently selected to provide all engineering services for this project.  The project is anticipated to include CCTV evaluation of a majority of the City’s existing combined and sanitary sewers, separation of all combined sewers in the downtown area, construction of new storm sewers in the downtown area, replacement of downtown water mains and rehabilitation of the majority of existing sanitary sewers.  Also included is a streetscape project to improve surface drainage, rehabilitate city streets, and replace sidewalks within the project area.  Funding for this project includes CDBG, SRF, EPA and ARC funds.

Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

The City was experiencing frequent overflows at their pump stations, which were very old.  Through testing and evaluation of the pump stations, it was determined that six (6) stations were no longer capable of performing at their design capacities.  When coupled with known I/I issues in the system, both combined and sanitary, this led to far more overflows than were reasonably expected.  The City turned to HMB to assist them through this first phase of the sewer rehabilitation project.  HMB was contracted to provide design, advertising and bidding, and construction administration services for improvements and rehabilitation to six of the City’s sewer pump stations.  Upon inspection of the stations, the determination was made that it was most cost-effective to completely replace all the major components in the six pump stations involved.

For the Front Street (240 GPM @ 27’ TDH), Superintendent (250 GPM @ 38’ TDH), Halbert Avenue (200 GPM @ 48’ TDH) and Second Street (500 GPM @ 50’ TDH) pump stations, all pumps, motors and bases were replaced, as well as all piping, control panels, sump pumps and floats.  In addition, a spare pump was provided for each station.  The NAPA (269 GPM @ 50’ TDH) and Green Valley (90 GPM @ 56’ TDH) pump stations also received new stainless steel guide rails and chains.  At the Green Valley pump station, existing 2” valves were also replaced with stainless steel models.

The above improvements have greatly reduced the frequency, intensity and duration of overflows experienced in the system.  The next phase of the project, separation of combined sewers and rehabilitation of sanitary sewers, is currently in the design phase at HMB.  This project is anticipated to have a large and positive impact on Vanceburg’s wastewater system.  Funding was provided by KIA grant.

Multiple Water System Improvement Projects

HMB has provided engineering services for several major projects for Vanceburg Utilities over the past 15 years including: approximately 200+ miles of water line ranging in size from 2” to 12”, eight water storage tanks, eleven pump stations, two production wells, new water treatment plant, utility and infrastructure design for Vanceburg-Lewis County Industrial Park, 500 gpm fire booster station.


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