Corydon-Ramsey Road and Sival Road Intersection (Harrison County, IN)

A study completed by Harrison County, IN officials identified the Corydon-Ramsey Rd. and Sival Rd. intersection, north of Corydon, as the most dangerous in the County. The existing intersection was badly skewed, causing substandard intersection sight distance. HMB presented improvements that involved shifting the intersection to the east in order to provide a more desirable intersection alignment with Corydon Ramsey Road at Sival Road. Approximately 0.32 miles of new alignment on Corydon Ramsey Road and 0.18 miles of new alignment on Sival Road was required. The new alignments and grading provide a more desirable intersection configuration with applicable criteria for intersection sight distance. Because no speed limit was posted, the design for both of these County Roads was going to have to meet 55 mph. After discussion with the County, in 2005, they passed a 40 mph speed ordinance for Corydon Ramsey Road and a 30 mph speed ordinance for Sival Road. This allowed for a more reasonable design speed for the two roads and enabled the consultant to design a facility that fit better into the environment. HMB worked with both Harrison County and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to provide a successful solution to the problem and a product everyone could be proud of.




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