Duncannon Lane (Madison County, KY)

Located just south of Richmond, Kentucky between I-75 and US 25, the newly reconstructed Duncannon Lane brings a new level of safety to the area as well as hope for future economic progress. The roadway provides an evacuation route from the Bluegrass Army Depot where over 500 tons of chemical weapons are currently stored and a new connection to I-75 to provide access for the Depot as well as the adjacent Industrial Park.

The old route was narrow and winding and had no access to I-75. This forced traffic from both the Depot and the Industrial Park to travel through the City of Richmond in order to access the interstate. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and HMB solicited input from local residents, business owners, public officials and representatives of the Depot in order to develop a solution that best fit the needs of all. This solution was to provide a new interchange with I-75, upgrade the existing roadway from two to four lanes through the rural segment of the project and then utilize a five lane section with sidewalks through the more urban segment of the project and to do all of this while maintaining the rural scenic character of the area.

Numerous obstacles within the project corridor such as the Battle of Richmond Civil War battlefield, several historic buildings, numerous sensitive archaeological sites, “Fort Ancient” village site, and a natural pond dating from the last Ice Age made early identification and avoidance measures critical to the overall success of the project. HMB, through an extensive public involvement plan and a comprehensive environmental document, developed a design that met the needs of the Depot, the Industrial Park and the traveling public while maintaining the corridor’s historic and scenic character.




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