East Fork Little Sandy No. 4 Stream Restoration (Lawrence County, KY)

This project is the restoration and enhancement of approximately 2900 feet of East Fork Little Sandy in Lawrence, KY for the purpose of compensatory mitigation under the Stream Restoration Program and for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

East Fork Little Sandy was an incised stream with eroding stream banks and poor ecological quality. Migration of this stream had resulted in an oxbow and the undermining of a building located on the McCormick property. The existing stream was determined to be a G5c indicating a sandy gravel bed material. HMB and T.H.E. Engineers combined forces to evaluate the factors causing instabilities in the stream, and the features necessary to stabilize the stream through natural stream design techniques. The design developed was a combination of Priority II and Priority IV restoration. The incised stream was relocated where possible and flood plain excavated to bankfull stage in order to reduce the stresses on the banks. The design and construction has resulted in a stable Rosgen Type C5 stream. The lower 900 feet of stream was left in place, and stabilized by use of structures and an excavated bankfull bench. The log vanes, root wads, rock vanes, cover logs, constructed riffles, imbricated rip rap and trees and shrubs were used to stabilize and create habitat in the stream.

Additionally, field data (RBP habitat evaluations, specific conductance testing, geomorphic data, etc.) was collected and a 404 application was produced for submissionĀ  to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Numerous discussions with the landowners occurred throughout the project in an effort to address their concerns. The project has been constructed and is in the second year of monitoring.




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