HMB Selected to Design Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System in Bracken County, KY

The Augusta Regional Sewer Authority (ARSA) selected HMB to design a new treatment plant, force mains, and pump stations to serve Augusta, Brooksville, and portions of Bracken County. Augusta and Brooksville both have existing wastewater treatment plants that have far exceeded their useful service life. Rather than each community building a new treatment plant, the regional approach was taken, and a single treatment plant will be built to serve both cities. This new treatment plant will serve approximately 960 customers and have a capacity of 690,000 gallons per day. This project includes construction of four (4) sewer pump stations and 52,000 linear feet of force mains that will convey the wastewater to the new treatment plant. The total project cost is estimated to be $12,450,000.