Honey Creek Bridge (Fayette County, WV)

This project is a replacement of a five span deck truss bridge constructed in 1927 which is substandard and in deteriorating condition. The bridge spans Honey Creek in a very steep and rugged valley next to the New River. Due to the restricted construction schedule and particular site conditions, this structure is selected to be designed within the scope of the FHWA Innovative Bridge Research and Construction program (IRBC).  Because the existing bridge is on the same alignment as the replacement, it is to be open to traffic during the first stages of construction to shorten the closure time of route 16.  Portions of the substructure which do not interfere with the existing structure are constructible under traffic or with alternating lane closures. Upon closing WV 16 to traffic, the existing structure will be demolished and removed.  Several features of this structure qualify it as having an innovative design. Simple-span steel girders made continuous erects in an efficient manner similar to precast concrete beams. Precast deck panels, post-tensioned to handle the effects of live load negative moment, on a welded steel plate girder bridge with a curved alignment in a superelevation transition has (to our knowledge) never been attempted. The precast pretensioned pier cap is very unique, both in the use of construction stages and the final design to provide an integral pier cap and diaphragm that is not fracture critical and does not require post-tensioning in the field.