City of Eubank: Hydraulic Study and Multiple Water System Improvements (Pulaski & Lincoln Counties, KY)

HMB completed the following projects for the City of Eubank Water System:

Hydraulic Study

As a result of Division of Water Enforcement action, the City was required to perform a hydraulic study of their entire water system, which consists of over 180 miles of water line, serving 4,600 customers.  HMB assisted the City in obtaining grant funding to cover the entire cost of the study, which also included an emergency response plan, water Conservation Plan, Water Loss Prevention Plan, and an Infrastructure Improvement Plan.  The Water System Improvements Project below was developed based upon the findings and recommendations of the hydraulic study.

Water System Improvements Project

This project consists of several phases including: waterline replacement and upgrade, pump station upgrade, the construction of two (2) new tanks and the installation of a new SCADA system. The first two phases of the project, consisting of approximately 63,000 feet of water line replacement/upgrade, replacement of three pump stations, construction of a new 483,000 gallon storage tank and new SCADA system, recently bid for construction well under budget.  This allowed Phase III, consisting of replacement/upgrade of an additional 38,000 feet of water line, to move forward.



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