I-64/ Hurstbourne Lane Noise Analysis (Jefferson County, KY)

HMB has performed several traffic noise analysis and barrier evaluation as a part of our statewide environmental services contract.  The studies have resulted in barriers that have been constructed or are in the construction or final design phase.

HMB Professional Engineers was requested to perform noise assessments and a barrier analysis in the residential neighborhood immediately west of the Hurstbourne Lane/I-64 Interchange in Louisville, Kentucky.  The specific study site paralles I-64 from Hogarth Drive to the approximate location of Cheffield Drive.  The project scope of work was coordinated with the KYTC/Division of Environmental Analysis and approved as a Letter Agreement under HMB’s full service Statewide Environmental Contract.

Existing noise levels were measured and corresponding traffic counts conducted in January, 2013, for the purpose of validating noise model calculations provided using the TNM2.5 Noise Model.  In addition to the field measurements, other noise receptors were included in the noise modeling to evaluate the effectiveness of barrier mitigation.  Two barrier locations were analyzed in the study in an attempt to provide options for effective noise mitigation at the affected residences, one approximately 80 feet from the current edge of pavement along an existing drainage feature and another closer to the roadway shoulder. The calculated cost per benefited receptor values indicated that the barrier designs were reasonable according to the KYTC policy cost effectiveness criteria.   



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