I-65 over Riverside Drive and Market Street (Clark County, IN)

This bridge rehabilitation was for the northern approach to the I-65 John F. Kennedy Bridge over the Ohio River. The purpose of this project was to extend the bridge life while understanding that the future Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project would replace this structure. Visual inspection of the deck surface revealed that approximately 5% of the deck area would require full depth patching while 10% of the deck area would require partial depth patching. The existing overlay will be milled and an asphalt water-proofing mix overlay will be applied to the entire deck.  Backer rods with silicone joint sealant were used for joint repair. Spalling on the concrete piers and end bents was noted in drawing details for repair. A new drainage system detail was provided from the bridge scuppers to the existing underground connections. Steel repair details were provided for repairs to girders, stringers and floor beams as needed.  Drilling of crack arresting holes was used to complete existing hole patterns to inhibit further cracking in the steel members.

Acting on behalf of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), HMB coordinated this project with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). KYTC decided that they would develop rehabilitation plans for the I-65 Kennedy Bridge. The project team decided that it would be best to include the rehabilitation for the INDOT structure in the KYTC plans. HMB converted the preliminary INDOT plans to KYTC format. Replacement of the finger dam expansion joints on the Kennedy Bridge controlled the maintenance of traffic phasing for the project. A three phase scheme was utilized with an official state detour. HMB closely coordinated between INDOT and KYTC to deliver the final plans on schedule and within budget. HMB also completed a Categorical Exclusion. This project was let in early 2012 and is currently under construction.



“HMB has been a real help on this project and their responsiveness has been excellent.”

– Chris Wahlman, PE, INDOT Project Manager

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