KY 172 Reconstruction (Morgan County, KY)

HMB Professional Engineers, Inc. was requested by the KYTC to provide the 404 Permit and Biological Assessment for the Indiana bat, Virginia big-eared bat, and listed mussel species covering the reconstruction of approximately 2.5 miles of KY 172 in Morgan County, Kentucky.


The KYTC project team determined that habitat was not present on the project for mussel species listed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and elected to assume presence for the Indiana bat and Virginia big-eared bat.  HMB biologists performed a phase I portal survey according to USFWS Indiana Bat Survey guidance for Virginia big-eared bat year round roosting habitat and Indiana bat winter habitat.   The resulting project finding for both bat species was “may affect but not likely to adversely affect”.  The BA was submitted to the KYTC in November, 2013, for further coordination with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.


HMB proactively works to ensure that KYTC is provided with the necessary environmental clearances to proceed with project development on fast tracked projects.  On the KY 172 reconstruction, the KYTC project schedule required submittal of the 404 and 401 permit applications within 4 weeks after receiving Notice to Proceed.  HMB’s environmental scientists completed the field work and provided the requested permit applications covering the project realignment and an associated waste area to the KYTC within the requested time frame allowing project implementation to proceed on schedule.


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