KY 44 Improvements, Right of Way (Spencer County, KY)

HMB is providing right of way services for the Spencer County, KY 44 Improvement Project.  The project contains 12 parcels, half of which are MARs and the other half appraised parcels.  Upon award of the contract, KYTC provided HMB with the title work as well as the finished, approved appraisals.

This section of KY 44 is extremely dangerous, and parcel owners have shared stories of many accidents or near misses, even one including a school bus, which spurred the board of education decision to disallow school bus stops in this section of the road.  The new road will include two wide, safe curves in lieu of five sharp curves with little to no visibility.  This section of the road begins at the Spencer County Middle School property, thus making a much safer section of road for the school busses and carpooling students to drive on. It ends at the bridge at Brashear’s Creek, just west of downtown Taylorsville.

HMB is responsible for the acquisition of all twelve parcels, including one miscellaneous move of a storage barn acquired as part of a cemetery parcel. HMB was also responsible for the preparation of seven MAR reports, which include the printed RWUMS document, a cover letter, comparable sales and location maps, and color photos to present to the property owner.