SR 13 (Franklin County, AL)

On this project, HMB was contracted to provide final design services for a new bypass around Haleyville and other small towns in Franklin County, Alabama. The existing 2-lane alignment passed directly through these small cities. HMB designed the new four-lane roadway along a new alignment. The facility has a 20-meter depressed median, 3-meter outside shoulders (2.4m paved), and 1.8-meter inside shoulders (1.2m paved). The roadway was designed to rural standards for 100 k.p.h. HMB was also responsible for reevaluating the project’s environmental impacts due to a change in alignment. The project included relocation and design of several county roads to tie into the new bypass at different points. On the project’s north end, the roadway passed through a mine spoil area with considerable standing water. The Alabama DOT was requested to provide geotechnical reports regarding the drainage in this area. In addition, one of the four bridges in the project corridor crosses a TVA reservoir. The project team had to adhere to strict restrictions regarding erosion control during preparation of construction plans.


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