US 68 & KY 641, Right of Way (Marshall County, KY)

HMB provided right of way services for this project, which is made up of two separate sections. Parcels 1-25 are located on US Hwy 68 with Parcels 26-43 being located on US Hwy 641. The project is near the Draffenville Community of Marshall County. The purpose of the project is to construct turn lanes for Marshall Co High School and Christian Fellowship School Campuses. The acquisitions will mostly impact the front yards of residential and commercial tracts.

The acquisitions were made up of 28 appraisal parcels and 15 MAR parcels. There were also 4 miscellaneous moves and one business move. These acquisitions required the buyer to be very knowledgeable about the acquisition and relocation processes. Due to the close proximity of the project to existing residences as well as the loss of some parking spaces in front of existing businesses, the buyer was challenged to effectively explain the plans and the appraisal process in order to complete successful negotiations.

This project has been completed with the exception of closings on some parcels. There were 2 parcels turned over for litigation with the balance of the parcels being successfully negotiated. This equates to better than a 95% success rate in purchasing the parcels.  The quality of the appraisals on this project was a key factor in achieving the high success rate that allowed HMB to sign over 95% of the parcels. There is also a fine line between spending extra time with the owners to settle parcels or turning those parcels over for litigation that may result in lengthy delays to get Right of Entry.  HMB negotiators took the extra time to work out problems and create solutions to settle the parcels in the timeliest matter possible.


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