Falls of the Ohio State Park (Clarksville, IN)

The Falls of the Ohio State Park is located in Clarksville, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River across from Louisville, Kentucky. The existing boat ramp on the park property is located directly across from the lower gates of the McAlpine Dam. The level at which the gates are open on the dam greatly affects the turbulence and cross current of the water at the boat ramp. Boaters often have trouble getting their boats back onto their trailers and have complained about the treacherous conditions. In order to provide a safer alternative for boat launching and loading, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources decided to provide an auxiliary ramp. HMB entered into contract with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to provide an auxiliary boat ramp adjacent to the existing boat ramp. HMB’s design services to the client included providing survey, design, permitting and bid documents. HMB also provided construction services which included construction inspection, shop drawing review and approval, invoice review and approval and as-built plans. The project was opened to the public in January 2011.



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