Frankfort Sewer Department: Wet Weather Detention Facilities (Franklin County, KY)

The project will stabilize flows into the City of Frankfort's existing wastewater treatment plant by adding a 10 million gallon (MG) equalization (EQ) basin to the City’s sanitary sewer system.  An equalization basin temporarily holds a portion of the incoming flow during the high flow periods.  As soon as the rain event, and therefore flows coming into the WWTP subside, the contents of the EQ basin will be allowed to flow to the WWTP for treatment and disposal at a controlled rate.  The WWTP is designed for 9.9 million gallons a day (MGD) of incoming sewer flow, but can accommodate 23 MGD for short periods of time.  However, during heavy prolonged rain events the plant exceeds its capacity, which contributes to combined and sanitary sewer overflows in the collection system.  A significant portion of the City's sewer system would be classified as a combined sewer system which collects both sanitary sewer and storm (rain) water, thus leading to the overflow problem.  Construction consisted of one (1) 10 MG concrete EQ basin 185 feet in diameter and 50 feet tall, an EQ pumping station, controls and associated piping.

Completion of this project is also a substantial step in the city’s ongoing efforts to achieve compliance with the Kentucky Division of Enforcement’s Consent Judgment and the Administrative Order of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which both center on improvements in water quality of the area via elimination of sewer overflows.



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