Regional Water System Development Project, Great Fleming County Regional Water Commission (Fleming, Lewis & Mason Counties, KY)

Existing drinking water systems for communities in Eastern Kentucky’s Fleming, Lewis and Mason Counties were aging, and due to growth in the area, these systems had difficulty keeping up with usage demands. This meant water shortages during drought and dry periods, particularly troublesome to farmers in this rural area. It was vital to increase the amount of drinking water to meet the needs of the present while providing for the demands of future growth. The Greater Fleming County Regional Water Commission (GFCRWC) was established to solve the problem. Their task was to collaboratively address the drinking water needs of three individual communities and find a common, cost efficient solution. They turned to HMB Professional Engineers, Inc. (HMB).

Initially, several alternatives were studied including expansion of existing water treatment plants, increasing the purchase of wholesale water from the City of Maysville and connecting to the City of Vanceburg’s system. However, these options were eliminated due to concerns including higher capital cost, inability to provide adequate capacity during dry periods, and large distances between service areas. Due to continued growth and development in the project area, HMB and the Greater Flemming County Regional Water Commission felt this cross-county project was best accomplished by streamlining water supply and distribution with design of a single system to either completely serve or supplement water supply to the various communities within the GFCRWC.

Once the option to build a single system was selected, HMB provided design and construction management for:

  • three deep water wells
  • a 2.88 million gallon per day water treatment plant including three high service pumps rated at 3,000 gallons per minute each
  • a one-million gallon ground water storage tank or “clearwell”
  • a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank
  • 18.7 miles of 24” and 1.4 miles of 16” ductile iron water transmission main
  • wetlands delineation




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