Holmes Street Drainage Project (Frankfort, KY)

HMB provided all preliminary mapping, feasibility studies, cost estimates and funding coordination in the early stages of the project. In the design phase, HMB completed all plans, specifications, bidding documents and other materials required for construction of the Jones Run Storm Water Pump Station Upgrade and the East Main Outlet Tunnel. During construction HMB also provided all required construction administration and engineering, as well as construction observation and quality control.

Throughout this lengthy and complex project, HMB coordinated with and supervised many different subconsultants to accomplish the overall goals of the City. From GIS mapping, hydrologic modeling and surveying in the early phases, to the detailed tunnel design process, HMB subconsultants played a significant role in the success of the project.

The Holmes Street Drainage Project is a unique solution to the age-old problem of flooding in river communities. The project is a huge effort by many concerned citizens, agencies and engineers that has allowed a large area to be revitalized and redeveloped for the greater good of the Frankfort community.



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