KY 22 Over Licking River (Pendleton County, KY)

HMB was selected by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to prepare a full environmental assessment and preliminary and final roadway design and structure design for the replacement of the KY 22 bridge over the Licking River in Falmouth, Kentucky. The project area encompasses the confluence of the Licking River and the South Fork of the Licking River, as well as most of the historic area of downtown Falmouth. The existing bridge was a narrow, two-lane truss structure in an advanced state of corrosion and in need of replacement. Serpentine approaches to the bridge complicated traffic patterns and caused some vehicles, particularly trucks and buses, to hit the adjacent brush walls as they approached the bridge.

In Phase I of the project, HMB studied three alternative locations:

1.) Just downstream of the existing;

2.) Just upstream of the existing; and

3.) An alignment further upstream that would tie into existing KY 22 near Monroe Street and extend east along the southern limits of Falmouth to re-tie into KY 22 at the KY 519 intersection.

An Environmental Assessment was approved by the Federal Highway Administration and issued a Finding of No Significant Effect (FONSI). Field studies required for the Environmental Assessment included a mussel survey of the Licking River covering all three potential alternatives. The survey was performed by HMB biology staff with assistance from ESI. No federally listed mussels were found during the survey. The downstream alternative was preferred.

In Phase II, HMB prepared construction plans for both the roadway and bridge. The structure spanning the Licking River is a curved, welded steel plate girder bridge that is 733 feet long. Decorative parapets and aesthetic lighting were incorporated into the bridge design due to the proximity of the Falmouth historic district. HMB  submitted the final construction plans for a Fall 2011 letting and construction was recently completed.




Check out the aerial footage of this project!

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