Frankfort Sewer Department: Multiple Wastewater Projects (Franklin County, KY)

HMB has completed numerous projects for the Frankfort Sewer Department, including the following:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Projects

HMB provided design and construction administration/inspection for a 3.3 MGD expansion to the wastewater treatment plant.  The expanded plant handles an average daily flow of 9.9 MGD, a peak daily flow of 24 MGD and a peak hourly flow of 17 MGD.  This project is complete and in operation.  HMB also provided engineering services for the initial 6.6 MGD WWTP, and all capacity expansion projects at the WWTP since its original construction.

Jones Run Storm Water Pump Station Upgrade

HMB provided plans and specifications to upgrade the existing Jones Run Storm Water Pump Station from 210 cfs (94,250 gpm) to 360 cfs (161,570 gpm). The original pump station was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) in 1969 and upgraded to 210 cfs by the COE in 1996. HMB provided plans, specifications, advertising and bidding, construction administration and construction inspection to upgrade this storm water pump station, located on Penitentiary Branch, which is owned and operated by the City of Frankfort.

Choateville Area Sewer Project

Phase 1- The Phase I Choateville Area project involved 21,200 linear feet of 8 inch and 10 inch gravity sewer, 6,000 linear feet of 8 inch force main, 4,650 linear feet of 2 inch low pressure sewer main and 55 individual low pressure grinder pumps.  HMB prepared plans and specifications for the design of new sanitary sewers, provided contract administration, preparation of preliminary engineering and cost estimates for a HUD/CDBG funding application, obtained necessary approvals and permits, conducted advertising and bidding and evaluation of contractors and construction observation and administration.

Phase 2- The Phase II Choateville Project consisted of approximately 7,500 feet of small diameter low pressure sewer collection main and 61 individual grinder pumps.  Both Phases of this project were regional in nature and completed in conjunction with both the Fiscal Court and the City Sewer Department.  The phase was funded with EPA and KIA grants and provided service to the new Westridge Elementary School.

Winding Way Sewers Feasibility Study

HMB developed a construction cost estimate and total project cost estimate to determine the feasibility of providing public sewer service to the Winding Way area.  HMB also prepared was a preliminary plan of the proposed sewer and appurtenances.

Shelby Street Sewer Replacement

HMB provided plans and specifications to install an approximately 310 L.F. 8 inch gravity sewer on Shelby Street to provide an alternative for sewer lateral connection to the FSD system. Currently, many residents have service laterals that cross neighboring properties to discharge into the FSD main line. This new line will allow a new point of access to the FSD system which will be on each individual property.

Mero Street Sanitary Sewer

Provide plans and specifications to construct approximately 1,200 L.F. of 12 inch sanitary sewer to provide sewer service to the New Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Building on Mero Street. This was an ACEC award winning project in conjunction with the infrastructure and site work for the new KYTC building.

West Main Sewer Assessment

Through routine system monitoring, FSD discovered a potential failure site in a very old brick construction combined sewer in downtown Frankfort.  The City requested HMB to provide a complete evaluation of the combined sewer, including CCTV, dye testing, lateral investigations and recommendations for future repairs.




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