Project Funding

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One of HMB's areas of expertise is procuring and coordinating public funding, including RD, KIA, CDBG, ARC, SRF and EDA. We have experience coordinating projects funded with congressional appropriations and EPA Special Appropriation Grants (SPAP). Our design engineers are comfortable working in conjunction with all the below-listed funding entities and feel it is a crucial aspect of our job to assist clients with both seeking funding and implementing the funding process.


  • USDA Rural DevelopmentAppalachian Regional Commission (ARC) – 100% grant, 20% match required
    • Grant Monies available where qualifications met
    • Loan – 3 interest rates (poverty, intermediate and market)
    • Would apply to projects in rural areas of less than 10,000 population
  • 604(b) Grant – Kentucky Division of Water for Wastewater Facilities Plans
  • Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA)
    • Tobacco Development Fund - 100% grant
    • Coal Development Fund - 100% grant
    • Fund A1 - State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan for wastewater planning and design
    • Fund A - State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan for wastewater construction
    • Fund B – Infrastructure Revolving Fund – loan
    • Fund B-1 – Infrastructure Revolving Fund
    • Fund F – Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan for Construction
    • Fund F-1 – Drinking Water SRF Loan for Planning & Design
    • Coal Severance Tax Grants – 100% grant, given to coal producing counties
    • Infrastructure for Economic Development Fund – 100% grant
    • 2020 Water Service Account
  • Federal Special Appropriations Grant
    • Comes through Congress as a line-item appropriation written into the federal budget
    • 55%/45% match required
  • HUD Community Development Block Grant (HUD-CDBG)PRIDE Grant – 100% grant in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers administered under Section 531 of the Environmental Infrastructure Program. 
    • 100% grant, matching funds required
  • PRIDE Grant (5th Congressional District) – 100% grant for sewer projects
  • State Special Appropriations Grant
    • A line-item appropriation written into the state budget
  • US Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grant
    • 100% grant
    • Used for development of an industrial park or other economic stimulant
    • Requires proof of job creation and/or retention
  • KY Rural Water Association (KRWA) LoansKY League of Cities (KLC) – Interim financing loan
    • Interim financing loan
    • Long term loan
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Stimulus Package Applications (SRF & KIA)