The City of Paris, Kentucky has selected HMB Professional Engineers, Inc. to design its Millersburg Road Tank project. The selection was announced following a competitive qualifications-based selection process undertaken by the city in accordance with Federal guidelines. 

 “This is an exciting project for HMB,” stated Chris Stewart, Principal-In-Charge for HMB’s Water Resources Division. “While many projects address a single need, the Millersburg Road Tank project offers our team a unique opportunity to not only improve capacity within the City’s existing water system, but to also prepare for future growth and development.”

 The project will improve water distribution throughout the northern part of the city and provide capacity for a planned county-owned park in northern Bourbon County.  The total project cost is estimated at approximately $8 million and will be funded using a mixture of Federal, state, and local dollars.

 “I believe our Water Resources team excels at helping clients improve their facilities in a cost effective and efficient manner,” added Stewart. “We take that responsibility seriously and are prepared to deliver for the Paris-Bourbon County community.  We have a long-term partnership with the City of Paris and are proud of the benefits to the City’s water customers that our projects have provided.”

 Design work on the project is scheduled to kickoff this summer, with construction planned for late 2024 and 2025.